Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Recently, I just watched the movie Big Hero 6, for the tenth time. Big Hero 6 is a popular movie in 2014. It is a 3-D computer-animated superhero film, by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

My Review

Big Hero 6 is a nice movie, indeed. But if you are watching with a young child, make sure to have the presence of parental guidance. The movie Big Hero 6 is a superhero movie. The difference I saw with that movie with other superhero movies is that other movies are really far from Science. Flying human? (defying the laws of gravity) A human with the speed of light? (man, even spaceships that are attracted from gravity are burned)  Big Hero 6 has powers too, but you see, their power came from the suit, not the hand, or another body part, which includes Science. Another thing that I liked (may also find in other movies) is that it is by teamwork. They achieved their mission by their team. Also, it showed there their loyalty for friends. There are a lot of moral lessons in the Big Hero 6, (some of the moral lessons is not from the movie plot itself, some of them are from the other scenes of the movie) if you want me to tackle it one by one, here is the list:

Don’t be boastful/Don’t underestimate

As you can see in the first part of the video, Little Yama is a large robot that is very strong and the owner underestimated Hiro’s robot in which is stronger.

When your guardians are mad at you, it means that they love you

For the next scene, Aunt Cass was very mad at them because they were captured by the police because of the Bot Fighting.

Change for the good

When Hiro tried to go to that Bot Fight again, Tadashi did change Hiro’s mind by going into the Nerd Lab which indeed, changed Hiro’s mind because he wanted Science.

 Never give up

Hiro tried to give up when he couldn’t come up an idea for the presentation he would make, but Tadashi didn’t give up on him.

If you are in danger, run for your life

Nothing is safer but to run when you are in danger. Like what Hiro and his friends did when Callaghan tried to catch them.

Learn to control your emotions

Both Hiro and Professor Callaghan did this mistake—when Hiro was out of his mind and tried to kill Professor Callaghan and when Professor Callaghan became a villain because of his loss of daughter.


When you are trying to achieve something, nothing is better when you are going to do it by team.



I Love You

Warmer than the Sun,

Colder than the Boomerang nebula,

Narrower than the strand of my hair,

Blacker than the vantablack.

That is how my love

Is exaggerated for you,

But just to remind you that this is not only

For someone like couples

But also for you, my

Dear family,

Especially for my parents and siblings.

I love you very much.



A group of flowers is like a lady,

Delicate as a small baby.

Nurture it with love and care,

To see a fabulous garden with one glare

A young lady needs love and care

Just like how flowers need water

So that they will grow without hatred,

For the world to befriend them.

A young lady also needs mistakes and lessons,

Just like how we remove dead plants

To new beautiful one.

If one lady got into deep trouble,

Other ladies go into that trouble as well.

But it actually differs depending

On what kind of flower one is.

So if you are a lady,

Remember this thoroughly.

If you don’t change for the good,

Don’t wait until the flower dries.

Until it is alive, use the best of your time,

Not to avoid the bad ones, but to go to the good ones.

So that when you grow up, you will be nice and

Beautiful just like flowers that were provided

With enough needs.



A Dog’s Message

Dear Human Family,

Greetings to you! This letter is specially made for you. I just wanted to thank you very much for being my true and only family when my mother wasn’t able to take care of me. Thank you very much for providing my needs like my food and shelter.

You have taken me to those nefarious baths and you took me to those vets that I am scared of. But nonetheless, you still took me to your very soft bed, took me to the park for a walk, and took me beside you during meals.

When I was young, I bit and scratched you a lot. And you seem not to like it. If you think that the reason was just I was so stubborn, you are correct, but I am really sorry.

If you think that I cannot do tricks now, if you think that I am adamant to not do the potty training, or if you think that I am so stubborn, you are correct. But is not too late for you to train me. You can start training me from the basic commands like sit, lie down, and roll over. For those training, all you have to have is, of course, food! But don’t forget love and commitment. If it is hard, just be patient, okay?

However, I still love you very much (actually that is the reason you got those ‘‘love’’ wounds from me). And I thank you for being my family when my family has not the ability to take care of me.




Poem of Time

I am your friend,

But also your enemy.

I am consistent,

But differ on how you perceive me

I am invisible,

But people can see me through some item,

That has three feet running around some shapes.

Sometimes you catch me,

But sometimes you wait for me.

I shall be with you always

And never leave you even if you die.

I track your age, and also your changes.

I track everything that passes your life.

I am at your side since your first second

In your mother’s tummy.

You shall never ever forget me and dump me

‘Cause I will be your best friend if you nourish me

But will be your worst enemy if you waste me.

I shall also never forget you

And always keep you in the history of mine.

Sometimes you get mad at me

‘Cause I cannot return you to where you were

And I also can’t take you to where you’ll be,

But pardon me, ’cause that is just who I am.






Soon or Now?

We all have a good time, right? But most of us don’t use it properly at the right time. We do things, not in the proper time. Try to recall the day and identify to yourself if you had done something that wasn’t from your schedule, something that you didn’t do at the right time, or something that you did too early because it feels much better doing that than doing the more important ones. Let’s be honest, we often procrastinate. We do it because it feels much better doing things easier and faster so we can tell ourselves to break. If you are a procrastinator, help yourself! There will we no one to do it for you but you. Follow these tips on how to be not a procrastinator.

Create Segments

It is very easy to create segments and one material that will help you do this is a notebook. And there are also characteristics that are required to have to be able to do so. You need to be willful, committed, and responsible.

When creating segments, what I mean is divide your tasks with your time. For example, if you are going to eat a house, divide them. From the roof, walls, furniture, floors, tiles, and etc. Same with doing tonnes of household chores. Separate them with your time.

Mind the Consequences

Everybody faces their own consequences of their own actions. So come to think of it, if we procrastinate, what could be the consequences? Will it be good? or bad? Of course, not! Procrastinators don’t deserve good outcomes.


You have to do hundred-page paperwork in 1 month. You can say that you have a lot of time and can do it pretty well. But you forgot to consider the other things you have to do. So you just left with the time running while you, having your good time. What could be the consequences? It’s simple. You will soon run out of time or catch the time as fast as possible and you won’t be able to do your work with ease and properly.

Avoid Distractions

If you should not be reading in WordPress right now, stop after this. The actual problem of procrastinators are distractions. Without distractions, you could not be a procrastinator. They do things the things that they shouldn’t be doing at the time. Avoiding distractions is not as simple as you think, but when you get over it, it would be a lot of pleasure. Your life would not be the same again.

Use Journals

Never ever be shy to use journals. If you think it’s only for children, change your mind. I’ve been using a lot of journals lately and it helps me a lot. There, I write my schedule, the things that have happened, and the things that I have to do. Never worry about the design, the size, the brand, your pen, what’s important is that you are able to write the things you want to write.

Be Patient

If you think that you’ve been doing these things and it seems to have no progress, be patient, patience is a virtue. Never give up and be willful. If you always forget and can’t help doing the things you like, remember that people don’t change overnight. Or maybe, ask help from someone older. But remember that you can always discipline yourself.

What to do with mistakes

Just this week, I thought, what would life be like without problems? Mistakes there is included. What would life be without mistakes? Admit it, you’ve done a lot of mistakes—through your entire life. Like, lots of them.

Maybe you thought that your mistakes turn you so down and you can’t do anything about it now. Maybe you thought you’re just an idiot because you did such mistake. But believe me, there is one way in many ways you can use that mistake in a positive way. In the way that you will thank yourself for doing such a thing.

Now, come to think of it, if so happens that you didn’t do your mistake, would you be you? Isn’t that your mistakes are the reason because you now know what is right and wrong?

There is a simple way to change your mind about those negative feelings. Just use it as your rocket fuel. Use it to be able to improve in the future. Just like rocket fuel, use it to get up, to get out of the things that pull you down (gravity pull).

I will give you an example of a girl who used her mistakes as rocket fuel.

She is a fourteen-year-old girl that always get the lowest score in English spellings. Instead of feeling bad for her low scores, she used it as rocket fuel and read more books. She studied more vocabularies. And she got higher grades in spellings. And instead of feeling bad for her mistake, she instead used it to improve.