Why I choose to aim for Architecture

     One morning,  I was helping my mom prepare the breakfast in the kitchen when I asked her, “Mommy, what was your dream profession when you were a child?” My mother is a pediatric dentist. Meanwhile, she is lecturer, voice artist, singer, and of course, a good and well-rounded mom.

       I was curious to know how she was able to retain her success, and not only in profession, but her entire life too.

     “Originally, I dreamed to be in Arts, but I decided to take Dentistry instead.” My mother replied. It was along those lines. “Would you like to be in Arts too?” She asked. 

     Before this conversation even began, I thought of becoming a veterinarian. Although, as a small child, I always put interest in arts. Drawing, specifically. Maybe that was where my mom was coming from. Later, she explained to me how I can use my skill in arts as an advantage, and how I can put a skill I learned as a small child into great purpose. 

     “You can try architecture, if you want.” My mom added. Architecture? I thought. When I was a young kid, people around me always said “You will make a good architect!” They did not mean it seriously, as far as I am concerned, I think they only meant it as a compliment. 

     Yes, that is it! I like sets, I like math, I like arts, and I want to help people, Architecture is perfect. Why have not I thought of this before? Of course, the conversation did not end there. My parents later on taught me about the deeper understanding of career path.     


     The point that I am trying to make here, is not just about architecture, it is also about how my parents are good influence to me as a child. Think about it, without them, I will not know what I really want to do in life. My parents open my doors. Children like me are yet to be taught. That is why our parents are here to guide us. I can never be too thankful for having great parents with me. I am lucky to have them.

Poem to Novels

It has come to this part of the day, 
When my boredom cease to go away,
Where I see that the kind moon turns blue,
And feel that fairy tales come true.
I hold this book and turn the pages,
Eyes wide open, reading for ages,
Thrust into their kingdom full of dread,
Not even knowing what lies ahead.
A hundred pages, maybe two or three,
But as long as the characters are glee,
I’ll read the story and never forget,
The characters I’ve never even met.
I know when I read I’ll learn a lot,
Morals and values that never rot,
I get euphoria from extreme satisfaction,
By reading good books, and following my passion.

I and my Life with my Younger Sister

During the first seven years of my life, I have wondered—What does it feel like to have a baby sister?

As time passed, I finally felt the ambiance of being a big sister to a younger one. I can’t genuinely say that what I am feeling right now as an older sister is a good thing to experience, nor I am truly saying that it is a bad one.

It started of when I was a young girl when I told everybody that I am very excited to have a wider plane of responsibility and that I am totally prepared to have a younger sister. After years of waiting, my sister finally came like a quick plop!

At first I was very excited to finally be able to live with a baby sister. Days turned into weeks and  my parents told me that I am now a big sister and that I should stop slacking off and they also told me that I had to act as an older sister and act more responsibly, such as taking care of her while they are gone, fixing her grooming, disciplining her when necessary, and many more. And I asked myself: “Why have I asked for this? Can I even do this? What is going to happen?” I quickly replied to myself: “You can do this. And can’t you be just thankful that you have a sister like no other? Not all people have a sister like yours and don’t take it for granted. ”

As time passed, I made a decision that I will be more responsible with her. And that, I wasn’t able to do perfectly. I had a lot of mistakes done to my sister due to my irresponsibility. But I didn’t give up.

During that time when I am taking care of her. I felt a negative feeling I shouldn’t feel. I felt like as if all my parents’ attention to my younger sibling. I felt like she had more attention more than I had. It felt wrong.

But then one time, I had come to think about it, and I thought: “Maybe she deserves it. Or maybe I was just over acting and maybe our parents pay attention to me but had to pay more attention to my younger sister because she is younger?”. But it didn’t end there. I encountered more times feeling as if my sister is the most important person for my parents, said this to me a lot.

But in this present time, I am now able to cope up with what I am feeling. And for now, I am having a good relationship with my sister. But that doesn’t mean that we are perfect sisters. Sometimes, I still make mistakes and she does too, and sometimes I get mad at her for her wrong doings. But that doesn’t keep our hearts spart and instead, it makes our hearts closer together.

And everyday, I never get tired of scolding her, but I also never get tired of hearing the words “I love you” from her.

My vase

My vase is full of flowers,
Like a garden full of lovers.
I think that I shall be lucky,
Because of my vase, you will see.

It has two big flowers that are caring,
Three smaller ones that are loving,
Ten that are fun to be with when free,
And one, and consider it is me.

If my vase lost one flower,
I won’t know how to stay in character.
If one flower passed on,
I won’t know how to move on.

Oh, my very precious vase,
You whom I did not chase,
Came to me without haste,
And you, whom I shall never waste.

This poem is dedicated to my dearest family! I will love you ’til my very last breath!


Had anyone bothered to wonder,
What made a group be called “together”.
If anyone knew what one means,
This will be a world of forest, full of greens.

Have you ever been at a beach,
Without shore and water come together?
Do you think (the shore) the water will reach,
If there is somethind in between called barrier?

Let us be strong and not let anyone cut,
The string that connects us together.
Let us be ready and have the gut,
And protect our bundle, forever and ever.

The Cat and the Dog

Aemie was a pet-lover. She had a dog named Bear, and a cat named Billy.

But the problem was that Bear and Billy never came along. Aemie had to keep them apart in order for her to have a peace of mind. Bear stayed in the sala. While Billy was kept in Aemie’s room.

One morning, Aemi was late to school. Her alarm went off at 6:45 am wherein her school bus was going to be there at 7:15 am! Aemie rushed like flash. Due to her hurriedness, she forgot to clor her bedroom door. Billy grinned like it was her luckiest day.

As soon as Aemie was out of their house, Billy walked out of the room like a queen, with a smile from ear to ear.

“Where do you think you are going, couch potato?” Growled Bear, threatening Billy.  As lucky as Billy was as unlucky was Bear. Aemie’s parents were at work, which means that Bear had to live his day with Billy until Aemie went home.

“Why, care Bear?” replied Billy. “I just have to get some fresh air out of that room! Why not swith places? I can’t even imagine you surviving  a day in that room!” Billy, as spoiled as she is, never knew the rules outside Aemie’s room. She thought that she was the queen of everything, because inside Aemie’s room, she was.

“Come on now, doggy doggy, give me that freshly cooked fish on top of the table and I’ll give you the bones, come on. ” Ordered Billy.

“Hey, hey, hey, ” said Bear. “Who do you think you are to order me like you are my  queen? I am  never going to follow orders of a pussy cat. ”

Before Billy could reply, they heard the voice of Aemie’s mom, Chloe, crying over a phone. She was just outside their gate. And she was about to go inside.

Billy, not wanting to be caught, ran as quick as possible back to Aemi’s room.

As soon as Chloe was able to get inside the house, she slumped on the sofa, put her hands on her forehead, her hair all over in front of her. Then she started sobbing.

Bear went near Chloe, and started to comfort her.

“Why does everyone bleme me for something I didn’t do? It was just a rumor! It wasn’t even true! Even my best friend believes in that fabricated story. This could even cause my career, what am I going to do now? ” cried Chloe.

Bear sat beside her, lied down, and leaned his head on top of Chloe’s lap. Chloe put her head on top of Bear’s body then Bear showered Chloe with kisses. Chloe laughed.

Chloe stood up feeling confident. “Come here, kitty kityy, Tryna hide, huh?” Chloe chuckled. Chloe called them into her room for some quality time. Chloe put Billy on top of the bed beside her. Bear was also about to jump onto the bed but Chloe suddenly said, “Uh, uh, uh, stay down, you are not allowed to go here. ”

A sudden frown wore on Bear’s face. But nonetheless, he still played with them.

Not soon after, Chloe fell asleep.

“Aaahhh, ” sighed Billy, “That was a long play, is not it?”

“Yeah… I think so…” said Bear, wearing a long frown. “She didn’t even notice me when I left the room because she was busy playing with you and you were ON the bed!”

“Hey man, don’t be jealous, you did great! That hug with Chloe earlier was actually the most dramatic hug I have ever seen! Not because of you will she be able to play nor will he be comforted. You boosted her confidence. ”

“You think? ”

“Well yes, of course, or I could have not said it, ” Billy said

“I actually never expected you to say that, Billy. I never thought that I can comfort other people too. ” Bear replied, feeling energized.

Billy replied, “All people and animals that exist in this world is alive for a reason. I hate to dramatic here, but every creature on Earth can do somthing others cannot. Like for example, you, You can give comfort to anybody with that comfort skill of yours but I cannot. And I can go on top of bed anytime I wan’t, and I can also kill rats, of course. That is what make us unique in our own ways. And we must also accept the fact that we cannot do everything. ”

“Wow, Billy, is that you,? ”

“Ha, ha, funny, very dramatic, good for a movie, ” Billy laughed with sarcasm. “But nonetheless, Aemie’s still mine. ” Billy said, as she walked towards Aemie’s room.

“Wait, what?! ” Bear exclaimed. “You just wait until Aemie comes home! ”

After a  few more hours, Aemie came home. She rushed into her mom’s bedroom and talked to Chloe for the longest talk in history. When she came out of the room. She grabbed both Bear and Billy and said, “I’m so proud of both of you! ”

I didn’t write this story for the sake of the comparison between dogs and cats. I hope you found out what the real message of the was!

This had been my longest post ever!

How focus changed my life

You might have been curious: Why have I not written in a while? The answer is simple. I was busy and I had to focus.

This year, 2019, is the year I started junior highschool. And I’m telling you, it is not that easy. Every time I go home, tons of tasks await me. I have to plan for projects, I have to do my assignments, I have to study, and many more. And everytime I finish them, I will have to go to sleep already! That is why I wasn’t able to write my posts.

So how exactly focus changed me as a student?

Well, I was able to do my tasks properly and carefully, without having to procrastinate. Meaning to say that doing the important things first made my life easier because I needn’t to cram for the things I have to do.

Like this, for example. With the focus I allotted to my to-do list, I am able to write a post. If I have not done my tasks first, or if I have procrastinated, I must’ve been cramming right now, because one cannot escape the things that you must do. Never.

Warm Colors and Cool Colors

Warm colors: Hello, there! Do you even know us? We are often called the warm colors. Our names are: Red, Orange, and Yellow. We are different from each other but classified as one: warm.

Cool colors: Of course we know you, you might not even know us. We are named Blue, green, and violet, often called as cool colors. We are known for inducing the sensation of calmness.

Warm colors: Who said we don’t know you? All discovered colors are well known for their unique and own use.

Cool colors: Unique and own use? What made you think you have them?

Warm colors: Warm colors is used for stimulation. We show connection especially for warmth. We also evoke happiness and energy.

Cool colors: Whatever you say, Were sure we are more important than you.

Warm colors: Uh uh uh, you cannot assume. It actually depends on the artist or on the art itself.

Cool colors: You have a point. We quite agree. Cool colors express calmness and warm colors induce liveliness.

Warm colors: Right, warm and cool colors are totally different from each other.

Cool colors: Indeed, this debate is closed. Ha ha, At least now, we know our differences. Maybe we could be friends?

Warm colors: Yeah, but maybe we already are.

This short dialogue is not to criticize your preferred color. This is just the way of how I see colors. By the way, my favorite color is blue. What’s yours?