A Trip to Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

Maybe most of us have been in a cemetery to visit someone we love. But this place? I’m telling you, it’s different.

It was Friday afternoon when we visited this place named The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial las November 2,  2018 when we visited this place located at Taguig City Manila, Metro Manila, to visit my great grandfather.

The Manila American Cemetery and memorial is a place of men who fought but didn’t manage to survive in the battle of the World War II. Visiting that place just gives appreciation and gratitude to their work of sarcrificing their lives for a country. And that, is the primary reason why I love visiting this place.

Secondary, The place is so clean and neat that you won’t be a able to see a single wrapper of candy loitering around that place. There is also a perfectly lawn grass, perfectly aligned graves, and and the design of infrastructures are also perfect.

Tertiary,  You can learn anything about the Worl War II in that place. You can learn when did it happen, where did it happen, and you can also learn, why did it  happen in the first place?

I highly reccomend you to visit this place because The time you alot in visiting this place won’t be a wasted time. Instead, it will an achievement for tou yourself, that you visited this place.

This was the first speech I spoke  in school in junior high this year.

I wasn’t able to write in a few months, because I was busy.

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