Good Night, Good Morning

When the skies are pitch black,

When the moon is shining bright,

When the stars glitter,

There is one thing the world tells you,

The Sun is tired and must it sleep.

Open your eyes no more,

For you are about to see another adventure.

After your nice rest, something big awaits you,

The bright light shining through your window,

The Sun is awake, and so must be you.

Another marvelous day has come to you.

You do this, I do that,

They do this, we do that.

After your big occurrences with  the warm and bright day,

With your eyes sunken and your voice low,

Also is the Sun.

So the Sun takes a rest, and moon goes to her position.

Dark nights and bright stars,

Appear in the sky I see.

And they are telling something important,

“Good night, and have a good sleep”

Because another great day awaits you.

Published by betaether

I, Pebbles MARTINEZ, is a fourteen-year-old girl who wants to contribute to the world. It may be slow, but I will be there step by step. I dream of becoming a lawyer, artist, and author of books. I write articles about my experiences and the things that make me happy. Come join my articles and let’s be jolly! visit my father’s blog: this is my email address:

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