Had anyone bothered to wonder,
What made a group be called “together”.
If anyone knew what one means,
This will be a world of forest, full of greens.

Have you ever been at a beach,
Without shore and water come together?
Do you think (the shore) the water will reach,
If there is somethind in between called barrier?

Let us be strong and not let anyone cut,
The string that connects us together.
Let us be ready and have the gut,
And protect our bundle, forever and ever.

Published by betaether

I, Pebbles MARTINEZ, is a fourteen-year-old girl who wants to contribute to the world. It may be slow, but I will be there step by step. I dream of becoming a lawyer, artist, and author of books. I write articles about my experiences and the things that make me happy. Come join my articles and let’s be jolly! visit my father’s blog: ebzzry.io this is my email address: betaether@gmail.com

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