Poem to Novels

It has come to this part of the day, 
When my boredom cease to go away,
Where I see that the kind moon turns blue,
And feel that fairy tales come true.
I hold this book and turn the pages,
Eyes wide open, reading for ages,
Thrust into their kingdom full of dread,
Not even knowing what lies ahead.
A hundred pages, maybe two or three,
But as long as the characters are glee,
I’ll read the story and never forget,
The characters I’ve never even met.
I know when I read I’ll learn a lot,
Morals and values that never rot,
I get euphoria from extreme satisfaction,
By reading good books, and following my passion.

Published by betaether

I, Pebbles MARTINEZ, is a fourteen-year-old girl who wants to contribute to the world. It may be slow, but I will be there step by step. I dream of becoming a lawyer, artist, and author of books. I write articles about my experiences and the things that make me happy. Come join my articles and let’s be jolly! visit my father’s blog: ebzzry.io this is my email address: betaether@gmail.com

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