The Real Superheroes



You might have had encountered the children stories where the superhuman superhero saves the day, the one who has superstrength that no enemy can defeat him. Surely we all know that those are whimsical and are all made by our brains. We all know that those sorts of superpowers don’t exist. (Unless the technology of humanity go to other levels like when our ancestors thought you can only communicate by writing on a mammoth tooth. And now we have gadgets.)

So now, going back to the topic, we don’t yet have those superpowers from our hands that could save a plane crash. BUT, we do have intelligence though. And we have the ability no other animals have.

There are a lot more things that we can do to become a superhero. We can, read books or have knowledge in other way and share it to make the world a better place. We can, help clean up our environment by cleaning small things like our home. We can entertain other people by producing music and art for other depressed people to appreciate their lives. We can be generous to other people and give them their needs. We can study a lot harder so we can have a good job and be able to change the world. And WAY lot more. In your own little things of help will be big in the future.

And in my perspective of the REAL superheroes, they are the people to have good contributions to the world. The ones who do hardwork. Even if one person is not a criminal but not doing anything, that cannot be called a superhero. You must at least do something good to be called a superhero. So let’s be a superhero and contribute good things to our world!




You are the reason people come along,

But also the reason people get to fight.

The hardness on getting you depend

On the people that you encounter.

But for me, you are very hard to get

But very easy to lose.

And once you’re lost, the hardships

You’ve done will go back at you.

So if someone got you, take care of it

Never do something reckless that breaks you.

If so happens, delight will become a fight.

So, take care of yourself!


Hello, Sunshine


Hello, Sunshine, that lights up my day.

What a bright, warm, and beautiful array,

And when I see you, complete, is my day.

Every problems and sorrows you keep away,

For every, human, flower, and animals,

Happiness is what you bring up to this day.

But after a few hours of your stay,

Children, are already forbidden to play.

Everyone becomes so allay,

And that’s what happens day by day,

And after everyone’s rest,

You will come again to the next day.

That’s what will happen everyday.

Why is my username Betaether?

So, if some of you is confused why my username is Betaether, (it isn’t even related to my real name Pebbles) here is a short post.

How was it made

My username was made by my father since I was very little, before I had my Gmail account. According to Google, ether is a pleasant-smelling colorless volatile liquid that is highly flammable. It is used as an anesthetic and as a solvent or intermediate in industrial processes. But in Greek mythology, (according to Wikipedia) Aether is one of the primordial deities. Aether is the personification of the “upper sky”. The word ether was chosen carefully, and beta is added before ether which means second, or medium.

Why is my username Betaether?

According to my father, beta means second and used it to mean that I am still growing. He told be that I have a lot to learn more before I can be alpha. Maybe it’s a way of telling that inside, I am still a kid and the world has a lot more to teach before I can go to the next level.

Hope from our Mother Earth


To my dearest Human Families,

I have been born way before you were born, and at that time, I was so beautiful and other animals would appreciate me. I was so happy, back then, when I was so fresh and I couldn’t stop smiling because of the beauty that lies within me.

But now that you’ve come, bit by bit, I got broken. Cut trees, pollution, deforestation, landslides, floods, and those times when my water, was blue, now it’s black. As humanity grows within my sight, I become lesser and lesser everyday. For every year, 15.3 billion trees are cut. Gosh, it hurts! Don’t you feel it?

If you really appreciate my beauty, you wouldn’t do that to me! Instead, you would take care of me and replace the trees you cut down. There are still a lot of space in me, in other countries. Just don’t abuse it, okay? Time will come that when you deplete me, I will be never going back again. It would take me a thousand years!

So please, appreciate me, and I will give the happiness back to you. ‘Cause if you break me, you won’t see me again. But if you nourish me, I will give it back to you continuously.

sincerely yours,

Mother Earth

A Sister’s Love


This picture with my sister was taken after our dinner celebration of my graduation day.

Nothing in my whole life feels sweeter

Than having a very good sister.

I know that she will be my only forever,

Whatever, whenever, wherever, and however,

We will always  be together forever and ever.

In those times when we get each other

And in those times when we go against each other,

She will still be my lover and sister.

I shall never ever forget her,

So that we will never forget each other,

I will always love my only sister, 

And for those who have sisters, 

Love each other forever.

This is dedicated to my younger sister Keena. She is five years old, and turning six this September. Our age gap is eight years, and it doesn’t really matter to me.




Red is a color used in different things

But just like other colors, it is interpreted

By its shade.

Red is used in many ways 

But there is one difference 

People get to be confused which to believe in

Does red means violence, blood, and war?

Or does red mean love, rose, and strength?

But it actually differs on the person itself

So it is up to you yourself which you will believe in

Will you listen to other people,

Or make your own interpretation,

It is up to you whether

You will be optimistic 

Or a pessimistic

Outside the window I see…


Outside the window I see,

Broken branches of trees,

Just like children who decided

To get away from their families.

Outside the window I see,

Fallen fruits from trees,

Just like the people who are so down

That they gave up and don’t want

To be part of the world.

Outside the window I see,

Rotten fruits from trees,

Just like fresh fruits who rebelled

And broke their life

Our nature is broken bit by bit

Just like how humanity

Is also broken little by little.

Join me fix this sight

And make the world

A better place again.

A Message to my Fears


For the happy moments you have taken from me,
May have left you jump with glee
Can’t you just hear my soul’s plea?

I kept on crying like a little child
‘Cause you take on me so wild
But losing you leaves me beguiled

You, who belittled me when I was rigid
Will always hide from you like a kid
‘Cause bring me to bliss, you never did

But now that I am older and wiser
I will face you stronger and harder,
To keep you away from me, forever and ever

For those times that you took my confidence,
And for the times you took my assurance,
Little by little, I must take a glance

But you still helped me, indeed,
To avoiding me from danger and to bleed
And keep those memories in my deed.

The only problem, is that you come so very often,
In times when I don’t need you again and again,
Especially to the places I go not very often.

Message of Life in Poetry


I have begun to be with you since

you were just about to form in your mums tummy,

It was critical for me, back then,

But luckily, I survived the journey!

But I am not only with you, but to the whole world!

All people think that Earth is special

Because of my existence in it.

But other people think that I also exist in other planets.

But going in your planet,

There has to change a lot.

I am being broken bit by bit until

I no longer exist in your planet.

Technologies start to develop and I

Come to no use.

But not only for the mother nature,

But to humans yourselves!

Some people lose me recklessly

Suicides, wars, sicknesses, and others

But some people that have me

Still waste me and don’t use me properly.

Remember that I only come to you once,

Once you lose me and waste me,

You won’t have me again.

So let me ask this question,

What am I?