The Best Mommy Ever

I know that nobody is perfect,
But I know someone to elect.
She’s the mother I’ll love forever,
Not to mention she’s my second mother.

When I wake up, the first thing I think of
What probably she’s made up of.
Maybe a metal that never breaks
Or just a carbon that is everywhere

‘Cause everyday she kisses me,
And everyday she gets angry.
She does it all to discipline me,
But never did she stop loving me.

Family for a Child Like Me


It was Friday at five o’clock when it started raining hard as she walked down the street towards home with the heaviest bag on her back and a hard plastic envelope put on top of her head to avoid her head getting wet. She was running hard as she feels her feet soaked in water inside her shoes.

Then finally…she got to their gate and opened it as fast as possible and closed it as quick as possible, sprinted to the main door until she gets fully covered.

She slowly opened the door as she wonders why all the lights are closed. She took a deep breath and switched the lights on. It was very quiet as she removed her shoes, went to her room, and changed her miserably wet clothes. It was still quiet. She cannot hear anyone talking, and she’s weirded out. She checked the living room, dining room, kitchen, knocked on comfort rooms, and looked at every room in their house.

It was already six o’clock when she knew she was home alone. Her heart beats faster than normal not knowing what to do. She closed all the doors and windows locked and she keeps breathing hard. One of the lights are broken (the strongest light in the house) so it was kind of dark because of the storm.

She went to her room and wrote in her diary. She cannot feel herself writing as she is still having fears that something bad might happen because she is not used to being home alone.

She layed down to her bed, and after one hour, her family hasn’t returned home yet. Her stomach rumbles, but she skipped her dinner as she knew there is no food in the kitchen and she is too scared to go out of her room.

After an hour or two, someone knocked on the door. She ran to the door, opened it and saw nothing. She went back to her room, and it was already ten o’clock pm. Tears dropped to her cheeks and started weeping.

After a few minutes, she woke up in her room feeling a warm summer breeze that came from her bright sunny windows.

Someone knocked on her door and opened it. It was her mother, calling her to have breakfast. She ran to her mother and hugged her tightly.

‘‘Mother,’’, she asked. ‘‘Will you, one day, leave my side?’’ ‘‘Children like you are not meant to be left. You are meant to be guided. Minors like you are still raw and do not know not half of life. We, your family are the ones to guide you. We teach you about our experiences and mistakes so that you will be our better selves. But one day, when we already taught life, you must be on your own. We cannot spoonfeed you for the rest of your life ’cause you won’t have one if so. Don’t worry it won’t be scary. All you have to do is follow us and act according to your age. ’’. Her loving mother replied.



The Difference Between Emotion and Feeling

Let me ask you a question, what is the difference between emotion and feeling? If you think again, you would probably say: “They are just the same.” or “I can’t really tell.”. Believe me or not, this comparison gives confusion to people from around the world. But with some research, I understood the answer.

With some research I had, it said that the difference between an emotion and feeling is like the difference between having and knowing. In other words, emotion is something that you feel physically while the feeling is something that you feel mentally—feeling is your perception from your emotion. Emotion is the physical reaction of your body, like blood flow, brain activity, facial expressions, and body stance.

I am going to set an example, suppose you’re inside a classroom, and you’re taking a periodical test. And your best friend, on the other hand, copies your answer. Your heartbeat goes faster than normal, eyebrows and fist start to clench and you say a few words—that is what we call the emotion, the physical reaction of your body and can be measured. And the mental pain you had from the emotion is what we call the feeling, the feeling of anger, which you almost cannot measure.


Emotion and feeling are almost the same and have a difference. Emotion is the physical reaction of your body and the feeling is the mental reaction of your consciousness from your emotion.

My Steps for Drawing

Drawing is one of my favorite things to do. Drawing is one of my ways of expressing and communicating my thoughts. For typical beginners like me, the most and foremost important materials for drawing is: a pencil, eraser, and a piece of paper. Materials like ink pen, chalks, and coloring materials, are kind of optional, but still does good work for arts. In this article, I am going to tell you some of my steps, aka tips, for drawing.

Starting off


When we say the word ‘sketch,’ what is your interpretation of it? Is it about drawing realistic things?. That is how I first interpreted sketching when I was nine years old. For my point of view, sketching is the part where we start with the soft or light line. We never get straight to drawing hard lines, because we may always change our mind.

Getting straight to hard is the most common mistake used by beginners, as I also did that. See, how can we erase mistakes if they are dark, it would be nearly impossible to get a clean erase especially when it already put a scar on the paper. Just, come to think of it, it would really take a long time if we start off with hard lines.


Okay, together with sketching, we also need to start off with guidelines. Or in my own vocabulary, my simple lines. It is mostly made up of simple shapes and lines. Based on my own experience, I could never achieve a really proportional drawing without guide lines. Indeed, professional artists still use guidelines. We can never avoid getting into incorrect proportions or shapes, but trust me, using these simple lines would not take your time, indeed, not using them would take longer time.

Getting to the outline of the drawing

Here you have it, your sketches of guidelines. At this part, it is when we use medium hard lines. Not really hard, but a bit darker than your sketch, enough to emphasize your main idea. Shading, coloring and other deeper details are not yet at this point. this is only the outline of your drawing.

Secondary steps

Getting to the main drawing

When you have decided your drawing and finally approved it, this is the time when we will use dark lines. This also includes shading and other deep details. This step will not be that hard because it is as if you are tracing your outline.

Final steps

Finishing off

At this point, this is the time to finish the product. This includes pen touching, coloring, and other optional stuff. This step is not the most important part, but I believe that it does good work to your main drawing.


These steps are not necessary to be followed. When you have other ideas, do not forget that it is your drawing.

My pet named Lodi

What does having a pet mean? Is it about having new responsibilities other than your chores? or is is about being noticed by people because you have a pet Husky, Pomeranian, Poodle, Pitbull, and etc. Well for me, it’s not just that. For me, having a pet means everything. It means that you have a new family member, it means that you will have new responsibilities, it means that there will be someone to greet you a happy thousand bites in your hand every morning, and it means everything. Mine is named Lodi

How I met my pet

It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon when I saw the brother of my uncle’s wife carrying a 2 months old little, black, and very adorable puppy, very scared of us. He was given to us by some neighbor who can’t take care of dogs. He was very shy at us that time, he couldn’t even get out of the long chair. After giving him treats, drinks, vitamins and whatsoever,  we left him to stay in the balcony over night so he won’t escape. He was resting peacefully, and we were, too.

Until one morning came, I was assigned to watch over the puppy with another male dog to watch if they are going to fight. So I stayed at the balcony, trying to get the trust of the new puppy. So I fed him, gave him drinks, and even pet him. Until he became close to me. One early evening, I left the balcony to get some glass of water, and as soon as I left the balcony and left in the eyes of the puppy, I suddenly heard screams of a puppy, calling the girl who just left him.

My heart melted and tears dropped on my eyes as I carried him and licked my face. That same evening, was the day I felt loved, for years that I thought I’m not. I made a decision. I made a decision if I want to make the puppy my own pet, and I didn’t hesitate, I actually did.

Lodi’s Negative Experience

I thought I made a decision I won’t ever forget. But I was wrong. I became too busy at school and forgot my dog. I forgot to give him food and drinks. But of course I didn’t forget to play and love him, but I forgot his needs. He was being fed by the other family members that are not pet lovers. I didn’t even know what they were giving to my dog. Until I found out what, and it was not good. I also knew that my dog always played with other dogs in the neighborhood.

Until one day, we noticed him sick. Sickness that I knew was my fault. I cried, and made him visit the vet as much as possible, when I found out that he had canine distemper.

According to petMD:

“In the initial stages of Canine Distemper, the major symptoms include high fever (≥103.5 ° F, or 39.7° C), reddened eyes, and a watery discharge from the nose and eyes. An infected dog will become lethargic and tired, and will usually become anorexic. Persistent coughing, vomiting, and diarrhea may also occur.”
Which made me very worried. Luckily I had the medications, and he SURVIVED! I was so happy that I loved him even more.
Starting from that day onwards, I didn’t lose attention to my dog. I gave him his needs, and even my love.

How is he right now?

He’s totally good now, every time I’m away, I always get a thousand bites when I return home, and also lots of kisses. He always fight other dogs for me when I always bring him to the store everytime I buy something. And best, He is now my best of best friends. He’s a lover I cannot forget until my last breath.

Monty Hall Problem

Imagine that you are in a game show. And there, you can win a red and fast car if you think carefully.

The problem:

  • There is a host who showed you three doors, (door 1, door 2, and door 3.)
  • One of those door contain a red and fast car, and the other two doors contain one goat to each door.
  • The host then asked you to choose one door, which is not to be opened yet.
  • After you chose one door, the host then opened a door which of course, contains a goat.
  • Then the host gave you another chance to choose a door, either you switch, or stay.

What do you think the better thing to choose, switch or stay? Try not to look at the answer yet and think of the answer!






—————————Keep reading below to find out the answer—————————





Well, if you chose to stay, then you are WRONG. The correct answer is to switch. The reason is, the probability of getting the car will be higher. Most people think that there will be no difference if you switch or stay. But it’s wrong.

Let’s say that the chance that you already picked a car is 33%, and the chance that you already picked a goat is 66%. There is a higher probability that you already picked the goat so it is safer to switch.


What I do to win Rock, Paper, and Scissors

Most people may think that the game Rock, Paper, Scissors is a game of chance, but there is a way to win the game Rock, Paper, Scissors. In this article, I will teach you the way on how to win on Rock, Paper, Scissors.

We all know that rock breaks scissors, scissors cuts paper, and paper covers rock. So there was a group of Chinese scientists where they did an experiment with 360 students to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. Then they came up with two ways on people try to win Rock, Paper, Scissors:

  • Winners REPEAT their move
  • Losers CHANGE their move

Tips on winning the game Rock, Paper, Scissors

Tip 1: If you LOSE play the move that wasn’t used.

Think for example, your opponent won by choosing rock, (which means you chose scissors). Look back on the way people try to win: winners repeat their move. You should then play paper, which was not used, because there is a higher probability of your opponent will repeat their move, because they won.

Tip 2: If you WIN play the move that your opponent used.

Imagine you won by choosing paper, (which means your opponent chose rock), your opponent will then think that you will repeat your move, which is paper, then your opponent will choose scissors, which is beaten by rock. So, then you should play rock in the next play.

Tip 3: If it’s a TIE play a random move again.

It is up to your opponent whether your opponent change their move or stick with their move if it’s a tie. It’s like playing at the beginning of the game, you won’t know what your opponent’s move will be.

Tip 4: Identify your opponent’s favorite move.

Identifying what your opponent’s favorite move (the move that your opponent mostly play at the beginning of the game) is good, but you won’t be able to identify it overnight; you will have to play with your opponent lots of times to identify it. Just play with him/her a lot and identify what your opponent mostly play at the beginning of the game.

Tip 5: If your opponent knows that you know his/her favorite move, then play his/her favorite move.

Because since you know that your opponent knows that you know his/her favorite move, your opponent will then play the move that would beat the move that would beat the move of his/her favorite move, and to beat the move that would beat the move that would beat the move of his/her favorite move, you should play the move that would beat the move that would beat the move that would beat the move of your opponent’s favorite move.


You know that your opponent knows that you know your opponent’s favorite move, which is scissors. Your opponent will then think that you will play rock, which would beat scissors, then your opponent will then play paper, which would beat rock, then you should play scissors, which is your opponent’s favorite move.