My vase

My vase is full of flowers,
Like a garden full of lovers.
I think that I shall be lucky,
Because of my vase, you will see.

It has two big flowers that are caring,
Three smaller ones that are loving,
Ten that are fun to be with when free,
And one, and consider it is me.

If my vase lost one flower,
I won’t know how to stay in character.
If one flower passed on,
I won’t know how to move on.

Oh, my very precious vase,
You whom I did not chase,
Came to me without haste,
And you, whom I shall never waste.

This poem is dedicated to my dearest family! I will love you ’til my very last breath!

Published by betaether

I, Pebbles MARTINEZ, is a fourteen-year-old girl who wants to contribute to the world. It may be slow, but I will be there step by step. I dream of becoming a lawyer, artist, and author of books. I write articles about my experiences and the things that make me happy. Come join my articles and let’s be jolly! visit my father’s blog: this is my email address:

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